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»Clostridioides Difficile Infection
»Coronary Artery Disease (Stable): Revascularization, Part 1
»Coronary Artery Disease (Stable): Revascularization, Part 2
»Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
»Red Blood Cell Transfusions in Cardiovascular Disease
»Status Epilepticus
»Stroke: Antithrombotic Therapy
»Venous Thromboembolism: Prophylaxis in Medical Patients
Welcome to Professor EBM

Welcome to Professor EBM, the premier online, evidence-based teaching resource for inpatient internal medicine.   

Professor EBM is composed of over 90 teaching modules designed for use in internal medicine residency programs and student clerkships. Each topic is meticulously researched, footnoted and updated on a yearly basis.  Major, influential studies are identified, summarized and analyzed.  In diseases in which the evidence is sparse, relevant review articles, guidelines and systematic reviews are noted.  All cases, questions, answers and summaries of original articles are developed using the principles of evidence-based medicine.  The teaching modules are piloted in a real-life internal medicine residency program, and improvements are made based upon formal feedback from attendings and housestaff.  The modules are designed to be taught in a small group, interactive format.

Professor EBM was originally developed by the Department of Medicine faculty at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. 

How Professor EBM Works 

Each teaching module focuses on one disease or topic encountered on the internal medicine wards.  Each module is composed of two parts:  a Learner’s Guide and a Teacher’s Guide. 

The Learner’s Guides include cases, questions and a concise list of references, with links to abstracts, free articles, and helpful online resources.  View a sample Learner's Guide.  You can register for FREE access to the Learner’s Guides.   

The Teacher’s Guides provide answers to the case questions, teaching tips, suggestions for more in-depth discussion, and summaries and critiques of all the original articles.  View a sample Teacher's Guide.  Access to the Teacher’s Guides is available by paid subscription.  Subscribe now. 

What out clients have to say: 

Professor EBM is a fantastic tool for focused, point-of-care teaching for attending rounds.  The case-based modules facilitate discussion not only on the evidence in the current literature, but also on the holes and the questions that remain.  The modules provide a succinct outline of the studies, as well as quick one-click links to many of the primary studies.  My entire team was engaged and interested, from third year students all the way to jaded senior residents.  Thanks for creating this wonderful, time-saving, evidence-based resource!


Anna Quan, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD

San Diego VA Hospital



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